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You're invited to experience a ...

 "Healing Hearts Circle"

Live Group Custom Coding Calls with Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner Diane Eble (editor of The Healing Code)

Come experience what may be the most powerful way to heal, through the combination of group synergy and a custom group Coach-Guided Healing Code ...

provided in a safe, loving environment from the comfort and privacy of your own home, as we connect together via phone …

Live and twice a month!

(Note: On the video I mention Wednesday nights, but the call has been changed to Mondays.)

Healing Hearts Circles are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at noon U.S Central Time.

  • This is a LIVE experiential workshop, not informational. You will actually do the custom group code over the phone as you are led by your Practitioner. We do a special on-the-spot Coach Guided Code until everyone's issue goes down significantly, usually to 0-1. 
  • Truth Focus Statements and Love Pictures are provided for you, as the Coach is led. 
  • Benefit from the synergy and connection to other people intent on healing together. 
  • The Group Healing Code to Go you get can at the end of the call can be used for other issues that come up during the week, as well as the issue you originally sought help for. 
  • Session is recorded and available immediately after. You may listen to the session or use your Healing Code to Go for the duration of the Healing Code.
  • Added bonus: Whenever you do a Healing Code for yourself, it benefits the other people who were on the call. And when they do the Code, you benefit as well. The synergy and connection continue even when you're not doing the Healing Code yourself!

There are occasional complimentary calls for those who have never attended or would like to bring a friend for the first time. Sign up below to get notice of when the complimentary calls will be. 

What days/times work best for you?   

 What is a Healing Hearts Circle all about?

A Healing Hearts Circle is a meeting via phone in which you experience the power of a Coach-guided, group custom Healing Code to address your issues together with 10-12 others who also want to heal.

On this call I guide you every step of the way.

You will never have to share any personal details that you don’t want to–not even your last name. I will just go around and ask each person to say how strongly the issue bothers you (1-10 rating), and the main emotional element of the issue.

I will get a group Healing Code that addresses all the issues together, and then lead us through actually doing the Code together.

We will do this Coach-Guided Code, with me leading you in each position AND the meditation, if possible until everyone's issue is down to 0-1.

Then, I will give you ANOTHER custom Healing Code which you can use for your issue over the next week or two.

The collective power of doing the codes together increases the effectiveness of the Healing Code exponentially.

You will also receive a recording of the call. You may use this to guide you to experience the power of the group Code again. Or you may use your Code to Go. You have both options to continue your healing in a powerful way.

Please note the we must limit each call's membership to 10-12 people. Otherwise, there won't be much time to do the Code, which is what you're there for. So, it is a first-come, first-served basis.

The Code that you will get will be powerful for your issues throughout the week as well. These custom group codes usually last 10-14 days.

Listen to an audio interview  of one Healing Hearts Circle participant's experience of her first (free) Healing Hearts Circle. (7 minutues)

MP3 File 

What do I need to know before attending Healing Hearts Circle call?

If you don’t already have The Healing Codes (either the book or the Manual that comes with the System), you will need to learn the simple hand positions that are used. These will be provided after you become a member of a Healing Hearts Circle. You will receive a document with all you need to know to get the most out of the Healing Hearts Circle sessions.

When do the Healing Hearts Circles meet,
and for how long?

Healing Hearts Circle calls are currently offered on the second and fourth Mondays at 12 noon Central US time. (Check your local time here.)

The sessions will start promptly and last  approximately an hour. After you register you will receive an e-mail alert with the time, date, and number to dial for the next call, as well as a link to the documents you will need to prepare for the call.

The call will be on a bridge line, and normal long distance charges will apply. However, you may call in via Skype if you like, and there are many local numbers offered, so you may not incur any long-distance charges at all.

Calls will be live and recorded. If you are a regular subscriber and cannot make a call, you may email me your issue and I will include you in on the intention when I create the Code, so you may still listen and benefit. 

Here's some feedback from one of my clients who has been attending my Healing Hearts Circle (she also mentions the Master Key):

How much does it cost?

The subscription price for two sessions is only $35.00 per month! This means if you lock in your subscription now, you will not experience an increase when I raise my prices (provided you don’t cancel and resubscribe). You will be billed monthly unless or until you cancel.

You may also come to the complimentary Healing Hearts Circles when we have them, if you bring a guest.

Membership is on a first-come, first-served basis, so secure your spot today and enjoy the powerful healing from the synergy of a loving, safe group. 

Monday call membership 


Try It Out for a Month

Want to just try it for a month? Single pay option allows you to go month by month, but you will NOT get that price locked in. It is currently at $50.00 for 1 month. Also, the call is limited in number so we have enough time to do the Code together, and preference is given to regular subscribers.

Monday Call Order Monday call

 "This custom code we did as a group this evening was powerful.
I felt a release from my right shoulder and a lift of depression. I have been dealing with major issues that has prevented enjoyment of life."--Holly



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