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Welcome to The Healing Code Communities Program – Level 1!

Dear new Healing Code Communities member:

We are very happy you have decided to join us in the adventure of healing using The Universal Healing Code. 

The purpose of this letter is to help make your experience as fruitful and enjoyable as possible by preparing you for what you are about to do.  If any questions arise for you that are not answered in this letter or at the appropriate time in your meetings, please do not hesitate to contact me at . 

We have also set up a special forum for questions online at This area will be monitored by Healing Codes Certified Coaches, so that even if your facilitator does not have the answer to one or more of your questions, you can feel assured that you will receive an answer.  You may want to visit this area frequently to find clarifying information, including answers to questions posed by other members of the Communities.  You will shortly receive an email with your user name and password to access this forum and your weekly video and written materials for the program.  Your login to the HCC program is different from your other Healing Code login(s).


Your Community meetings will take place by telephone, which allows you to both listen and speak.  The number to call is _____________________.  Any long distance charges you incur are your own responsibility.


Materials needed


The only things you will need for this program are an open mind, something to take notes with, and water.  Each week’s materials are available online at  You may wish to print out your materials for each week’s meeting and organize them into a folder or binder.  You may also want to have paper or a notebook to take notes and journal about your experiences in an ongoing way, and of course something to write with (pen or pencil).  It’s also important that you drink enough water to hydrate yourself before each meeting and have a source of water handy (a glass, bottle or other container) during the meetings.  It helps to arrive (or attend the calls) in comfortable clothes and, if you are attending from home, to set up your call times and environment so you will be not be disturbed except in cases of emergency.


How to approach each meeting


Much of the work of the program will actually take place before each meeting (see below).  So please bring your notes from that work with you when you attend.  The most important attribute for a Communities participant to have is a willingness to be honest with yourself and to engage fully in the work.  You may be asked to look at issues and experiences, or face emotions you have not thought about for a long time – or perhaps never.  The more you are willing to get involved with the processes, the greater the benefits you may expect.  You will also be asked to share, generally briefly, about your findings and changes.  Occasionally there will be an opportunity to speak in more detail.  Sharing is optional; however, it can be very healing for you and other members of the group for you to do this.


Before the first meeting we would like you to do five things (and an optional sixth):


1.      Log in to and access your Meeting 1 materials.  (You’ll want to record your user name and password for this website and keep them someplace easily accessible, perhaps in the front of a binder with this program’s materials.)


2.      Read and sign the Confidentiality and Disclosure Agreement, included in the Meeting 1 Introduction file, and return it to me.  For in person meetings, simply bring it with you.  For online/telephone meetings fax or mail it to me at ____________________ or ____________________.  You may also email it if you have a scanner.


3.      View the introductory video by Dr. Alexander Loyd online on the Meeting 1 page of


4.      Review chapters 3, 10 and 11 of The Healing Code.  It is very important that you have read the entire book before entering into this program, so please complete that task before the first meeting. 


5.      Have these four sheets from your Meeting 1 materials at hand during the call:  Four Major Areas of Life, Identifying Negative Emotions, Personal Tracking Worksheet, and Creating a Love Picture or Feeling. 


6.      Optional:  Go through all the member materials to familiarize yourself with what you have. 

Please note that supplemental (optional) Biblical material has been included for churches and other groups interested in the Christian viewpoint as it relates to the program outlined in The Healing Code.  If you do not fall into this category of participant feel free to set that material aside. 




You will be given one or more assignments at the end of each meeting.  None of the items suggested will take very long (a half hour or less per day and an additional half hour per week should be plenty), but it is very important that you do them to practice using the Universal Code and to prepare for each succeeding meeting. 


Once again, welcome to The Healing Code Communities!  We are honored to have you as a member and look forward to a long, heart-centered relationship with you.


With gratitude and appreciation for you,


___________________________ (facilitator name)

Certified Healing Code Communities Facilitator




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