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Why Surgery When You Have the Healing Codes?

by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code

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My 15-year-old daughter just had surgery to repair her ACL ligament which she tore when she fell wrong on a trampoline.

A few people asked me, "Why did she need surgery? Couldn't The Healing Codes heal her?"

Fair question, especially in light of how Healing Codes apparently caused what my doctor called a "spontaneous closing of a PFO" (hole in the heart). You can read my story here.

Why didn't we wait and see what The Healing Codes could do?

Well, several reasons, and I think they will give some perspective on what The Healing Codes are truly about.

First, if you know anything about teenagers, can you imagine a 15-year old, very active young woman being patient about healing? You never know how long, with The Healing Codes, it will take to heal.

My daughter needs to be physically active to be at her best mentally, emotionally, and physically. (Which is why I allowed her to go to "Extreme Trampoline" in the first place.) She plays volleyball and planned to do track this season. Christine needs to be on her feet and moving around asap.

The orthopedic surgeon explained convincingly why a torn ligament can only be repaired by surgery to bring the knee back into full functionality so that Christine can continue to play sports.

Second, keep in mind that what The Healing Codes heal are issues of the heart. This is not an issue of the heart (though it did bring up some--more on that later). This is an issue of a torn ligament, an injury. Though there are reports of The Healing Codes restoring tissue damage, there's no predicting how quickly that will happen, or if it will.

What The Healing Codes are good for is addressing those issues of the heart that would hamper her recovery.

We're seeing remarkable results on that front.

At first Christine was extremely angry that this happened. She was impatient. She was irritable. (And if you know teenagers, this means we were miserable.)

For these things, I did custom Healing Codes for her (and the rest of the family!). And those negative feelings seem to be gone. For Christine, they are replaced by a simple determination to do whatever it takes to recover quickly and to make the best of things.

The Healing Codes also seem to be speeding her recovery. The day after surgery, her doctor and physical therapist were amazed at how well she was doing. She is up and about and the pain has been minimal. She took almost no medication. Three days after surgery, a different physical therapist remarked on how well she was doing.

We expect that The Healing Codes will help her recover quicker than is typical. With as much stress as possible under control, her body's own remarkable healing system can take over and do what God designed it to do.

Several people have told us about instances of friends who had torn ACL ligaments and did not get them repaired--and who wish they had. Or people who had the surgery done, and the recovery was slow and painful. Because my daughter is young, because she's in shape, and because The Healing Codes are allowing her body to heal with as little hindrance as possible from stress, we are very hopeful she will make a quick recovery. We expect she'll be playing volleyball again sooner than is "normal" ... and with minimal misery to all concerned!




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